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'Cut adrift' is the dreaded word for me.By that I mean by Jan.1st.What consolation I have is say the table looks like this :- Bottom Three all around 20points mark.Fourth Bottom 26 and Fifth Bottom 27. Anything more of a deficit would be tricky with 50 points target. To be 6/7 points behind by Jan.1st. would give our owners the chance to spend big with a big man in charge. My theory is that 24 games would give us a decent chance with a thorough overhaul of players-and don't rule this out as I know our owners are well aware that next season the Championship gets £11m. per club and League One to get £800K. All in all BS1980 it is a pathetic state we are in but this is it.At present Burton,Barnsley and Bolton are better teams than us even with players like Jota and Adams.Stockdale will make a difference once he returns together with possibly Jenkinson and Colin. Xuandong Ren keeps close tabs on training I hear which is why SC cannot drop many more bricks.

Posted By: Ohio

Date/Time: 09/11/2017 17:55:00


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