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Tom I'm glad to listen to someone else who wasn't fooled by the press conference and blue suit!! Which to me was more a load of underhand snide anti-HR rhetoric with no substance behind it than a positive way forward. The last managerial switch is likely to put us back years unless somehow we get a large dose of luck. And IMO likely to be more devastating long-term than sacking GR. I never felt we could win promotion with GR's squad unless we added some much needed creativity and changed to a more expansive style of play. I'm not convinced you can win promotion anymore with an ultra defensive set up playing on the counter like we achieved under Bruce and McLeish. I think the standard of the Championship as greatly improved and you have to play a good brand of attacking football to get out now. At least that seems to be the pattern the last few seasons with the teams who have been promoted. Two things for sure though, we had far more chance of moving forward with GR than the current great pretender; and we would't be feeling so hurt right now either.

Posted By: Bluesince1980

Date/Time: 08/11/2017 17:38:00


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