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Ohio. I recognize the problem we have with the owners as I have previously showed my dismay at the way they treated HR, and replaced him with SC. That would have never happened under Sullivan & Co, and highlighted their panic stricken naivety and lack of football intelligence for all to see. The only solutions available in moving forward is either selling the club or bringing in tried and tested football people to make decisions on their behalf, freeing them up to concentrate on the business side of things. Their overall intentions to turn Blues into a decent premier league team with global appeal in the far east is a good one. It would deliver a better standard of football for us and make money for them. So win win. Although, I agree the journey to that end will only prove problematic without clear sensible football decisions being made from the top.

Posted By: Bluesince1980

Date/Time: 07/11/2017 09:09:00


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