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I agree with your comment cropped. I do think it is more to do with stubbornness on Jim's part in not accepting that his management style doesn't suit today's game. In this 6th tier of football it needs to be kept simple and not technical. His management style my well be good when we get back into the league but for part-time players who only train twice a week simplicity is a must. Plus his man management skills in openly criticising players instead of behind close doors does nothing to enhance team spirit. I just hopes he realises and rectifies his personal attitude before it is too late. This season is going to be tough one with the expectations of getting into the play-offs. The players that are not good enough need to be shipped out and some new players bought in before we go into decline. These are Jim's players he had the cheque book to bring in his style of player. For me we have far to many midfielder's and not enough forwards, very similar to last season. if there is no-more money available then Jim is to blame for not getting the team balance right at the beginning of the season. The last 2 games has shown that this balance is not right, I know we have players injured but no excuses, Only having 2 recognised strikers on the books plus 2 young lads who in my opinion are not up to the job, and I think Jim knows this as he didn't use either of them last night although they were on the bench. Not good enough ship em out. Lets hope things change before it is to late.

Posted By: Mazarron Albert

Date/Time: 04/10/2017 10:30:00


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