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Where do I start? This was bad, a debacle. From the team selection down to the attitude of the players it was bad. Bradley said in the week that Spurs push their full backs forward leaving space behind them, so it was no surprise that he played two wide men, but then he decided to go back to the false number nine. So there was no-one for the wingers to cross to even if they could do so which they couldn't. Sigurdsson looks completely fed up and I'm sure all the players are baffled at what Bradley is doing. I agree that Fer and Sigurdsson cannot play in the same team, Fer is not a midfielder in my opinion, he hates tackling and is hopeless at breaking play up as is Britton...where is the little man anyway, we are crying out for his organisation. Llorente must wonder what he has to do to get a start. Well you could just go on and on picking holes in the Swans at the moment, but from now until the New Year is the crux of whether we stay up or are relegated in my opinion. Half a dozen games against teams just above us. I believe Bradley will be gone by Christmas, the Board cannot not see that he is out of his depth can they? The supporters of this proud club deserve much better.

Posted By: Phil W

Date/Time: 04/12/2016 10:18:00


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