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No you are spot on, Kevin. Garry Monk had lost the dressing room, like Mourinho had at Chelsea. When that happens, the manager has no credibility and has to go. At least with Curtis everyone seems to be working together and we have a chance of getting out of the mess Monk left behind. Last season's record finish seems like a flash in the pan, it's much harder to continue to better a season like that especially when you are a rookie manager. I think Monk had too many favourites, for most of the games this season, he only used 15 players and his tactical ability was woeful. In half a dozen games Curtis has shown more innovation than Monk did in 14. There is no doubt that we made an error in appointing a manager with no experience and grounding in the hard school which is this league. I believe that with Monk, we would definitely be relegated, with Curtis we have a decent chance to get out of it. I think THAT is the crux of it. Let's get behind Alan and the team and don't forget that the supporters are a BIG part of the rest of the season.

Posted By: Phil W

Date/Time: 08/01/2016 22:22:00


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