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if you take the comments of a low life oiece of scum like bradley who thinks he is a Wolves fan then you get everything you deserve! he is one of the reasons why our club is in the mess it finds itself in! Gorkss played well and seemed to help the defense - our problem was that the rest didn't help out. In ref to Johnson yes he turned up a bit tipsy - but with the stick he was getting off those like bradley is it little wonder, he mentions Jamie O'Hara's wife - so I suppose in Bradleys world it is ok to attack one of your own players has he walks from the ground holding his young son, it is also ok to abuse a players wife whilst she is pregnant! as for being a shambles it's thanks to scum like bradley that we are were we are, support he and his ilk couldn't support and old lady across the road, until we weed out these low life we will never get back to were we belong - O'Hara's wife was spot on - trouble is people like bradley can't take it - all mouth, wing and ***** and the sooner they ***** off the better.

Posted By: johnwolf

Date/Time: 26/05/2013 17:07:00


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