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Good analysis Cuban. While we've all given thought to having 'a big name', I'm much more comfortable - now we've come this far - with someone whose history, personality and reputation don't risk getting more attention in the media and on the messageboards than squad, club and community. I'm also encouraged by someone who's worked with MacKay, Rodgers and Pearce (even though Rodgers's reputation may not be quite so strong come Xmas!), and who presumably has links into the U21 network. If he can get the goals per game down using the current squad I'll be even more impressed. But if he can bring in someone to do a job like the young Gary Cahill did for us, I would be pleased. I agree that Dyche's greater experience than Appleton's is very probably a good thing. Appleton may also be a bit frazzled at the moment, as managing Pompey through all the extraneous stuff must be very, very mentally draining. I am immensely relieved we are not currently finding out exactly how divisive a second coming of an alleged 'god' could have been. Is Sean a suit or trackie gaffer?

Posted By: Couch Potato

Date/Time: 02/11/2012 09:48:00


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