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I truly believe that Eddie's departure was down to family reasons, as I don't think he is the kind of person who just walks away when things start to go wrong. He was a genuinely good person, of which there are few, and always struck me as someone who was much wiser than you would think. He had some good ideas, and many of which were implemented very well into the squad. But ultimately, I would have to agree that the task was beyond him, as it would have been for so many. It was a near enough impossible job he had on his hands when you consider the circumstances he had to operate under. He may have been able to work miracles at Bournemouth with nothing, but lightening rarely strikes twice. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a successful manager, he has learned so much already, and Bournemouth is a place he will be able to flourish. I can only wish him all the best in this difficult time in his life, and thank him for laying the foundations of a fantastic team here at Burnley. He did everything he was capable of, and set us up well for the future, and you have to praise him for that.

Posted By: AdamBurnleyFan

Date/Time: 18/10/2012 19:08:00


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