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I think Eddie's time here was as positive as it could be, albeit that spell where Coyle's team played way beyond expectations was a one-off in most people's lifetimes. I for one believe that he has the capability to take players beyond their capacity - for a while. Then, when the going (and the results) got tough in the Premiership the lifeboat that was Bolton came along and the cycle started again. I truly believe Eddie achieved beyond his capacity, learned a lot and indeed left a legacy that might or might not (depending on the very tricky appointment the board now have to make) come to fruition. The experience of the Premiership season was without foundation and was always a bit doomed. Hardly any of that squad were good enough for the Premiership. That foundation has been laid now by the board's direction of Eddie and it might well be too early to have expected much more. What happens next will be interesting. Mike Garlick's comments about care and attention to the decision (dependent upon the capacity to actually get who we want) are very apposite.

Posted By: Mike Mada

Date/Time: 18/10/2012 17:58:00


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