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Last night went exactly as I expected.We did not make a single chance in the first half hour.What the hell was the strategy supposed to be? Wait for a goal to fall into our laps? It has been said that MH needs time to get his side to gel, I accepted that but last night the "gelling" seemed further away than possible. I have now lost all confidence in the manager as he seems to be clueless about putting an effective team together. Taarbat is potentially a world class player but marginal to the squad, he is a free spirit like all genius players but Hughes seems to take an Alf Ramsey attitude to flair. I really do not want the disruption of a mangerial change but it does seem necessary so lets get on with it as soon as possible while there is still a mid table chance by Christmas. Otherwise the gray man will continue to drag us down. We have some very good players who are vastly underperforming, if it was just one or two I could accept this as personal but all our players are stuttering from game to game that must be the Boss?

Posted By: highlandbill

Date/Time: 02/10/2012 08:51:00


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