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Intersting read, Cuban. Interesting too that the move by Eddie at Hudd, which shocked some people, to replace Vokes with Duff did have the same effect of pushing Mills and Trips forward as you are suggesting now. Losing Ings and Pato has been a b***er in that they are both confident frontmen who can play wide. Losing two of the same type of player can be problematic for even a big club, as Ars found out when simultaneously losing 2 RBs and 2 LBs led to a horrendous mid-season slump. Given that on this occasion it also seems to have added to a group-crisis of confidence amongst our regular widemen, it's a double-double whammy. In conclusion, if confidence has thus been correctly diagnosed as the core problem, I hope that you at least will excuse me if I don't add to it by spreading panic even if we dion't get 3 points tomorrow!

Posted By: Couch Potato

Date/Time: 31/08/2012 12:56:00


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