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Agree Bennett was one of our better players; the best I've seen from him. However thought overall that Benteke probably shaded the MOM accolade, though in truth they had few competitors. Yes it was poor, yes confidence is shot and yes we desperately needed 3 points. However to call the fans the Villa Park faithful is a misnomer. Faithful do not leave in the first half, as a few did by me. Faithful do not boo when the opposition score a second and third gaol. A true faithful continue to support their club. I'm as sick and fed up as anyone of these dire performances and the feeling of gloom. I've trudged to VP for 50 odd years now and now drive from N Wales to do so. No I don't want a medal but I would like to see the 'faithful' actually support their team. At the end of the Spurs game those left did. yesterday there were those who stayed and chanted. The rest? Please look up in a dictionary what support means. Make your comments outside of game time but when the game is on, get behind your team.

Posted By: Gordonsleftboot

Date/Time: 30/12/2012 11:23:00


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