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In terms of key players, I'm not sure there'd be a huge amount of interest in anyone other than Rodriguez (possibly Trippier but he's committed for a while yet). I think £6 or £7m for Jay would at least enable us to strengthen the team, without selling him its hard to see where the money would come from. Unless I'm missing something we haven't got much spare money within the club, so we need to generate some. The lack of form in our attacking options other than Jay Rod is a real concern though. At the moment we're relying on him a bit like Arsenal do with van Persie. When's Marney's contract up ? I presume he'd be a high wage earner given that Brian gave him the deal and it looked as though his agent was trying to move him on at the last transfer window. Never thought I'd say it, but it would be a blow if he left at the end of the season.

Posted By: cubanclaret

Date/Time: 04/03/2012 21:39:00


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