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Thanks for the stimulating and thought provoking article CC! You ask 'I wonder how many fans would swap Mears for Tripps now? Or for that matter Fox for Mee?í I would say that Mears is still a better player than Trippier but has an awful attitude. Had Mears however been playing at his best for Howe like he did when Coyle was here, Trips would have been lagging behind him although I suspect Trippier will BECOME a far better player in time and his heart bleeds Burnley where Mears singularly failed in that respect. Also it took some time for Trips to bed in whereas had Mears been playing we may well have picked up more points by now and been in the top six. Mee vs. Fox is an interesting one. The trouble is Mee is a central defender really and would be playing there had we depth in the squad. There is no doubt Fox at left back. Mee in the centre would have been a stronger defence. You should really be comparing Fox v Easton, and there I am afraid there is no contest!

Posted By: turfmanphil

Date/Time: 28/01/2012 08:48:00


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