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Since we're debating the elasticity of time, how come the games in Scotland end on average maybe a minute or more earlier than games in England? Is it because the Scottish refs are tougher on getting the second half started on schedule? I had thought it must be. But then why do Scottish first halfs end earlier than England's? Anyway, back to the main debate. American Football is a game ruled by an impartial clockwatcher. As Vin's anonymous author suspected, this results in lots of small delays, to the extent that the clock has to regulate those too, with fixed time allocations for huddles, time outs, restarts and so on. Now that Fox have introduced The Red Zone, several of my American friends say they can't believe they used to watch the games in "slow time", and have become addicted to The Red Zone's simultaneous coverage of 8 or 9 games, with almost all of the action coming in real time, and some occasional snippets a few seconds late. I confess that now it's available on SKY too, I have started going over to the NFL after Sunday afternoon PL games. But you'll have to wait for next season! There's only one game left this year... the ultra slow slow slow time Superbowl. Can't be bothered myself, after the team from Baltimore, where I lived for 12 years, and which is where Lee Hoos is from, lost in the slow slow time semi to the Patriots, with the Baltimore kicker missing a late and easy field goal (I think) to put the game into overtime, after I had dozed off in the first half. (Blame the beers brought round by Ars fans to watch them lose to MU!) So... be careful what you wish for, clockwatchers!

Posted By: Couch Potato

Date/Time: 28/01/2012 08:45:00


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