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Just thought I'd give you a Stoke fan's view on Sonko, lads! He came to Stoke for about £3 million and after doing well for Reading in the prem we thought he'd be a very good signing. To be blunt, he barely played for us but when he did play - he was one of the most clumsy centre-backs I've had the misfortune of watching at Stoke. He possibly committed the worst foul in Stoke's recent history away at Blackburn in our first season, Benny Mccarthy ghosted into the penalty area and we had plenty of men back so weren't really in trouble, but Sonko took the law into his own hands though and took him completely out, swinging (for the ball I think) and nearly taking Mccarthy's legs off in a moment which was horrifyingly hilarious. He's become the butt of many jokes at Stoke but with new surroundings and at a lower-level he might pull back his previous form from when he was at Reading. He's a really powerful lad and maybe his confidence was just shot, after all, he performed at Reading in the top division, didn't he? He could be a masterstroke, who knows. I see you have Danny Collins in your vote, whilst he's been relatively poor for us at full back I reckon he would do well in the Championship at centre back - he did get Sunderland's player of the year before he joined us. Good luck for the season!

Posted By: Tom_Mckeon

Date/Time: 29/08/2011 08:44:00


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