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Yeah, another excellent read Couch. It's been interesting to 'discover' that most of the cash has gone on players, but then again most of us probably knew, or at least suspected that. Most of us have also been wondering for quite some time now, when football will return to some kind of normality in financial terms and although moves are afoot at the moment, the massive financial gap between the premiership and the championship remains a stubborn and formidable obstruction to any solution. It's the fans who ultimately pay of course, not only with their hard earned cash for tickets (and travelling !), but also with regard to who they end up supporting and the demographic circumstances of that town. We end up ‘paying’ or suffering because of the limited gate income as has been pointed out above , and what the solution to that problem is I don’t know. What does seem pretty certain though is that we have no choice but to trust in Eddie and his judgement on 'cheaper' players, and if Treacy's performance along with Mee and Trippier on Saturday are anything to go by , then there's always a chance. And the chance has got to be taken , because if we don't get another transfusion of premiership money soon then we all know we'll be in Dire Straits again. Just love the way he plays that guitar.

Posted By: WelshClaret

Date/Time: 09/08/2011 00:04:00


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