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Thank you for the kind words, RT, and Grimsby earlier. I'm hoping the riots won't have spilled over into Selhurst by Saturday, RT. A friend of mine who was on page 2 of The Guardian the day we played Sunderland predicting a London summer of knife crime as a result of government cutbacks in youth work lives not far away from Palace, so perhaps I'll ask for his latest prediction tomorrow? The last home-grown club captain, by the way, was Chris Brass, Daz Bentley informs me after consulting club historian Ray Simpson. Next question... who was the last player to achieve the feat before Chris? I haven't got a clue! But while you're worrying about that, I am busy turning up some surprising (to me anyway) conclusions in my next article, about whether or not we 'went down stronger'. Then I'll do something about the pros and cons of new directors... and that will bring this mini-series to an end.

Posted By: Couch Potato

Date/Time: 08/08/2011 21:16:00


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