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There are rumours of disorder on the streets of Twickenham tonight....Waitrose has run out of pate ! I jest of course - I feel desperately sorry for the ordinary, hard-working folk of Tottenham, Enfield, Hackney et al who have lost their homes and businesses and above all the freedom to walk round their own communities in safety. The brave toytown gangsters causing havoc should get a taste of life on the front-line in Afghanistan or Iraq. Anyway, back to CP and I think this was his best effort yet. Some interesting questions and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour but also the latent realisation that, as fans, all we want is to see the team win games. Many of us, me included, want to see admission prices reduced but also want to see better players signed on higher wages. We can't have both. I know my way round a balance sheet but have no knowledge of BFC's finances. I do know though that on gates of around 14000 it is going to be tough to survive.

Posted By: RickersTwickers

Date/Time: 08/08/2011 18:28:00


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