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I have be considering what has been written and said over the last few weeks, it is interesting that the chairman choose to become so public with his answers to many of the questions we have been raising on this forum, it leaves me wondering if VB perhaps does get read by influential personnel at turf moor and if so it demonstrates hat constructive debate is always a good thing ! or whether the statement from the chairman was purely coincidental, either way it was desperately needed. Two points on this, one the communications team should have picked up on such frustration and moved sooner to correct some of the speculations, but two thank god we have some answers! I will be posting over the coming days on this because for me many answers raise further questions, Whilst I now appreciate its not been so easy with the parachute monies, I still feel some of our business planning is based on a poor strategy, for example why have a wages cap? that's like communist Russia where every one good a spud and two eggs a week, they all got the same so no one moaned .... well folks they did....... in a free capitalist society why can the manager not just have an annual budget and reward his players on ability, Turf Man makes a great point on one of the posts yesterday about this ! also Couch the directors loans WERE NOT completely wiped clean if they were Burnley Football Club would own it's own ground and as you may recall Mr Kilby gave an interview earlier this year confirming that this was one of the most important jobs of the board to return the ground ownership BACK to the club, further in the chairman's interview his maths simply don't add up, I will pick up on this point later this week. However, what I would say is that I was impressed by Mr Kilby and his heart is in the right place, as are all the board members, the question for us as clarets fans is .... is this enough, are they capable of developing a strategy that will see us promoted before the monies runs dry I hope so, I cant help but like BK and BF I just think they need to grow a pair and start to take some of the risks needed to resource this team properly for EH

Posted By: hollinsclaret

Date/Time: 08/08/2011 10:01:00


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