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Based on what tmp advised earlier, that 8 out of 20 favoured the top two options ('go'/'last chance'), and that I am pretty sure those sort of percentages were still showing at about 1030 last night (Monday), but that it had shifted to 82% favouring 'go'/'last chance' by 8am on Tuesday morning, about 50 votes must have been cast during the night. We can tell how many people view the forums on this site, but not how many visit the threads on the front page. This seems wrong somehow, but means that sadly I cannot tell whether those 50 votes tallied with a spate of readings of this thread about the Board, which had gone up earlier in the evening, and could have caused people to reach the opposite conclusions from me! Perhaps the 50 people had been to Barry Kilby's Q&A? Perhaps someone wanted us to think that, and had access to 50 computers, or just asked 50 mates (who may not be Burnley fans) to cast votes? Perhaps it was a further part of *oyley's devious campaign? Or a plot devised by *overs? My point being the same as it was before this concentrated burst of voting: that reading anything into the polls on this site is good fun, but ultimately meaningless.

Posted By: Couch Potato

Date/Time: 26/07/2011 09:48:00


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