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Another good article Couch. All I know is what I read in Dave's book, which you cover adequately above. The bottom line is that if the administrator called back the loan, then there wasn't a lot anyone could do about that, the economy went t**s up and subsequently so did BFC's ability to provide *oyle with any extra cash. The extra money put in by the directors in April of the promotion year clearly kept everything on an even keel for just about long enough to achieve the dream and at the same time avoid total meltdown or economic ruin. Some people call it administration :-) Those people saved the club with their financial input, *oyle did his bit with the team, and if he had stayed we'd have got more than those 5 points from the home games and would have survived in the prem for at least another year. But that's another story.

Posted By: WelshClaret

Date/Time: 25/07/2011 23:21:00


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