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Thanks for putting this up, tmp. I do hope folk will share what they feel they can share to help us all understand any or all of this story better. It's clearly something that people talk about a lot, and I hear a very wide range of views, some based on what sounds like sound info, and some on wild specualtion. For example, someone on Torquay station said he could not criticise any directors for any of this, and was indeed grateful to them. He added that he thought that Barry Kilby is still lending a big sum. I apologise if it turns out that I have been guilty of any wild speculation in writing this piece. Part of me feels like I'm sticking my nose in other people's business. But part of me accepts that it you do become a director of a football club then other aspects of your finances are going to get discussed. So, we might as well try to have an informed debate. And , if I could make one thing happen, it would be to help fans think about directors as people, not as robotic cash machines whose sole purpose is to feed the noble pastime and passion they share. As usual, I have gone on too long.

Posted By: Couch Potato

Date/Time: 25/07/2011 18:51:00


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