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Couch - not casting doubt but clearly looking to clarify!. IF the income for the trading period April 09 to March 10 was as you suggest £35M, ( direct P L monies let's exclude the trading activity number of £11M in order that we can identify the Prem Monies only) then two separate parachute drops would need to make up the final£25M to get us to the assumed £60M ( £35m initial drop+£25 split two seasons= £60M) so I guess we need to establish what was the Parachute payment last year and is it correct to suggest our final payment is £16M this year, if this figure is correct that means we would over 3 years have had PL income ABOVE the suggested £60M, because some would suggest there is a weighting issue and we would have received a larger parachute last year than the £16M for this our final year, also it would be improbable that it would reach £90M but probable than we would exceed the original £60M do you agree Couch? ...

Posted By: hollinsclaret

Date/Time: 22/07/2011 12:26:00


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