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Hollins - are you casting doubt on Steve Kelly's article in WTBM 86, which states categorically, after a review of the accounts for the PL season, as released at the AGM in Dec 2010, that the total income for the PL season was £46million? I welcome the input of further research. But my money is firmly on Steve reporting this entirely accurately after his having read the relevant accounts. I've no idea whether he posts on here, but I have sent word out on the jungle drums that we'd like him to. I will also invite Dave Thomas to comment. In the meantime, I reassert my firm view that both the £60million and £90million figures are just media attention grabbers, not fixed income, and basically irrelevant to informed financial debate. The two bits of data I would like to know (a) are how much the PL Pledge cost the club, both in terms of refunds and in terms of admin cost (b) did we or did we not qualify for the increased parachute payments? I am nowadays leaning to us having got them; but all the wording I have read (PL, BBC) is ambiguous. Can someone Twitter DazB on this? (I don't Twit. Well... I'm not the sort of person who likes to be limited to 140 characaters, am I? Bit to each their own.) Thanks for the front page upgrade, tmp. Much appreciated. Be intersting to see how far this debate runs. I'll start work on the next article...

Posted By: Couch Potato

Date/Time: 22/07/2011 11:50:00


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