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Thanks for the article BBM. For what it is worth, here was my response after the game: Firstly, huge credit to Stevenage and in particular to their manager. It is obvious why he has been winning trophies at a lower level since 2000 with Farnborough. That being said, today should not have happened. The roots are probably back in the shortcomings that we identified on this board at the start of the season. Wolves and Birmingham were held up as role models on hos to survive in the Premier League, and we, or rather Ashley, spent around a third of their level after their promotions. Some of the writing was on the wall this week. Pardew has shown his true colours following on from the West Ham win. Admittedly he seemed to recognise after the Liverpool game that he had inherited Hughton's squad. Since the West Ham match, all he has talked about is "my stewardship". OK, so he sent Donachie to do the homework against Barnet. The first goal was down to a lack of detail in preparation. If simpson had been briefed that the player is so right footed, Simpson would have channelled him down the outside. The after match interview said a lot. No Alvin, it was not down to 4 or 5 players not turning up, it was down to you, and here is why. Alvin said it himself. We didn't get width on a narrow pitch. Correct. Why? Barton was played on the left, so was Perch. We have been lacking width with Jonas having to bring it in on his right. With no Enrique, there had to be a starting place for Ferguson, whether that was left back ot left wing it didn't matter. Why on earth did we make a narrow pitch narrower by having NO left sided players in the back 8? OK so players may have been tired after a hectic festive period. Managing the squad was why we got a good win against Chelsea in the League Cup. There were youngsters dying to get in the squad and on the field. Where was the unemployed youth who might have put in the extra effort? Alan Smith was great for us in the first half of last season. Some will remember the analysis done of points gained with him in the team this season and the 2nd half of last season. We are grateful for his contribution in the past, but sorry, his days have gone. Best may have scored a hat trick against a demotivated and poor West Ham. Best is no Carroll, and will never dominate with the ball delivered as it is to Andy. It may have been right against West Ham, but tactics were not right today. There are other things to rant about. Tiote was sent off for a ball winning challenge, whilst de Jong got sod all for a leg breaker full of destructive intent. You could point the finger at Marriner after his negligent display against Arsenal in the League Cup, but standards are so inconsistent. With his card count, Tiote should never have got on the pitch anyway. Vuckic should have had his chance. In short, there is one reason for the defeat, specifically the Ashley crew. Insufficient investment in the summer, sacking a manager who made the most of his squad and who was showing signs of learning his lessons. The Ashley crew, whether it was Ashley himself or the casino hustler, appointed a failed manager, leaving teams relegated or on the brink. The reason why is all too clear. When things go well, Alvin claims the credit. When things don't he blames the players, despite his inept tactical performance. Pardew, change your attitude, or go somewhere else where you are less unwelcome. Watching a few matches on MOTD does not make you a good manager.

Posted By: Rexn

Date/Time: 09/01/2011


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