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like every other fan this debate is really starting to rile me!! especially the 'Dundee U / Aberdeen won the league in the 10 team format' - utter crap. the size of the league has no impact on the ultimate winners - they just have more cash to spend and more fan pull - hence their TV incomes. Personally I'd much rather a big league and play Queen of the South, Morton, Raith, Dundee, Partick... in exchange for a couple of our games against Hamilton, Motherwell etc - but the finances wont support that they say (though they will support 20 teams in 2 leagues?). could we do something different to keep 4 OF games a year, 4 derbies across the land? these are the games meaning the finances can't work, couldnt the league cup be reworked to support this, perhaps a mini league for the to 6 of the last year, while the rest join the ALBA cup?

Posted By: ptown_jambo

Date/Time: 08/01/2011 13:17:00


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