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BowburnMag: Not a bad article, but BUT, I have to take issue. The first issue is that you lot sacked a 'Sir Bobby' in the making when you showed Chris the door. I just know that Ash will live to regret that decission. The second issue relates to the instructions Pardew gave to his team regarding the 'PLAN'. My feelng would be that he said 'Leave a foot in here and there and rough them up a bit and they won't fancy it'. Now if that's not what he said, then the three midfielders, Andy and your two CD's are just thugs in everyday life and I don't believe that. By the time kaboul got sent off you should have been down to 9 men with Smith and Tiote off and that sainted character JOEY walking a tightrope. The referee (for want of a better word was a shictster who wilfully attempted to win the game for Newcastle and only started giving Spurs any decisions after they went 2-0 up. Yeah-- when it was too late for him to turn it around for your Mr Pardew. I have seen newcastle play some good football against bigger teams than spurs and if Chrissy was Manager he would have made the players put the ball down and play a game of football, not Australian Rules Football -- SOCCER as the yanks call it. That wasn't a game where you could discuss anything but the niggling and the bad taste JOEY brought to the table and Smith and Tiote. For your article to be non-biased it should have highlighted the unacceptable behaviour of these three GOB*****ES.

Posted By: Huddsnewsnarl

Date/Time: 30/12/2010 01:36:00


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