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I was sort of being facetious chaps... But for the sake of argument, I was talking about what I saw on display. I think Silva was a massive disappointment. Better than Routledge? Without question. But I'd earmarked Johnson as a genuine option to replace him. Toure over Jonas? I'd possible take Silva over Gutierrez even just on that showing but Toure is a central midfielder and I wouldn't swap him for Tiote at all. Kompany has played well all season but again I thought he struggled with Carroll's physical play and at times resorted to fouling and barging which the referee missed. I'd probably take him over Taylor but again we're talking comparatively in terms of the kind of money you're spending on these players, are they really giving your owners value for their extortionate prices? I don't think you'll find many of us arguing about our own predicament. But for whatever reason, whether it is this sudden siege mentality where some of your fans believe everyone is against you, they're believing your own press and becoming more dislikable as the season goes own. Overall, you had far more class as Long Suffering Manchester City.

Posted By: bowburnmag

Date/Time: 28/12/2010 11:22:00


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