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i was impressed with todays performance overall today. The line up of cressy, evans, ward, quinn and britton gives us that threat and creativity. What was different today was our mentailty to go out and win the game. last season we would have gone there for a point at best with 1 upfront and defended for the whole game hoping we would hit them on the break and get lucky. Don't get me wrong we looked dodgy at times and some careless mistakes were made but Cardiff are as far as im concerned the best team in the division and will get promoted this season. We won't come across these every week and a point is an excellent result considering we are short on numbers and have injury concerns. i loved it how ward got under the fans nerves today and the opposition players...more of that wardy something else we have been missing since the vinnie jones days. we looked at building it up today and also look very pacey going forward. cressy and evan are by far our best paring and like glouc has said i think he could be a goal machine this season if he nuckles down and stays injury free (he's still the right age). thought the new shirts look great today too...overall i'm pleased if we go about our game like we did today then we are in for a very good season. A few more players (quality players) and we might just really surprise ourselves. Lowton was robbed today never a sending off in a million years but what else do you expect from walton. As soon as i saw him walking out i knew a dodgy decision would me made and i was right. Simmo - was at fault with the back 2 for the goal but made it up it big time. he looked strong, focused, and commanded his area like brialliantly. he's so good at crosses and i've never know us be so easy when under the cosh with corner kicks...paddy who???? see i can say something positive and i will when they deserve a great team performance all we need is a few more signings------thats it!! come on mr chairman

Posted By: bladesforlife1889

Date/Time: 08/08/2010 23:41:00


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