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I think it's okay to criticise the manager and his tactics - that's part of his job description. Any manager in any profession has to respond to performance measures and criticism, that's why he is the manager and not a worker. I don't agree with excess negativity and personal attacks on players. As I've said earlier. the players are trying 100%, as they don't want to be relegated either and getting on their backs is counter productive. The commentator on the Stoke match commented on the fans abusing Alexander, after he badly misplaced a pass as being really unfair. Alexander has just come back from injury and after all he's done for us and the effort he puts in, I felt awful for him. I also think it's unfair to criticise the Board. Okay if they were carpetbaggers making money out of the club or loading their business debt onto us but they have all put a lot of personal money into Burnley with no hope of a return. Anyone who has seen Barry Kilby (and his wife) has no doubt about his love for the club and I think he's done a fantastic job. Part of my regard for him is his rehabilitation of old legends like McIlroy who Bob Lord treated appallingly. Note that Lord had a stand named after himself whereas Kilby named it after McIlroy. As for websites being for a 'new generation', you are spot on Couch Potato. We are recently retired and spend more time than we should on the net and crapping on to various blogs!! Up the Clarets! Dobbo was one of my favourite players of that era (after Frank Casper) - an elegant, unhurried player who scored pricelss goals. When he was sold to Everton we were all gutted and there were demonstrations (again!) against Lord as it was seen as selling our best player to pay for the building of the 'flash' (yes, flash in those days!) Bob Lord stand.

Posted By: ozjean

Date/Time: 12/03/2010 00:58:00


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