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I personally think that the premier league have weak grounds to punish him on. United are the best example of a team who persistently play weakend sides including when playing premier league fixtures. ie. against Hull City last season. For this they have never been punished and so I don't think the PL can justify punishment for the same misdemeanour by Wolves. This also throws open the debate who exactly decides what a team's strongest line-up is? Should it not be the manager? Also how many changes can a manager make before it is deemed he has fielded a weakend line-up? Why don't we throw out all managers and have the premier league pick our tems for us seeing as they know our best line-ups? Don't mis-understand my position however; I believe that a manager has an obligation to try and win every game for the fans that pay their money, although appreciated he does to have an obligation to try and keep them in the league too. This therefore presents an interesting dilema whereby two very valid objectives are conflicting witheachother (perhaps) and so the manager has to choose which he thinks is the more important objective. In this case McCarthy chose the longer term approach and so from my point of view the only people who can reprimand him are the Wolves fans who believe the short term is more important or that the objectives are not conflicting.

Posted By: ClaretClaude

Date/Time: 24/02/2010 11:13:00


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