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A good report, that with the added humour, was more entertaining than last night's match. Although playable, the pitch was diabolical and a disgrace to the professional game; if anything it had a bigger impact on Argyle's game, although they should be used to it by now. It was great to see Reda Johnson back in defence, he is some athlete and is improving with every game; he seems to fit well with Arnason. The midfield is slowly improving, but up front we are weak, no very weak. The midfield do always give support, but even more so is Fallon, he is not up to the required standard, poor ball control on the ground, can't run and his heading is a lottery, except in defence. He had several chances last night and they all sailed over the bar, when putting at least one away should have been easier. We need BWP or Barnes out there to help Mackie harry the opponent's defence with real menace, both may benefit from a run in the team; and with Mariner's experience he should be able to coach both of them. Thank God for Mackie, but how long will we be able to keep him, the big worry now is that he stays until the end of the season and leaves on a freebie; the ploy being to get a big signing on fee from his next employer. There are some elements of the game that leave a bad taste in the mouth, particularly the Brosnan judgement. Let us hope Argyle can persuade Mackie to stay, even if it is on a contract with a transfer clause or two in it. Thanx for the 3 points Argyle, it made going to the game worthwhile.

Posted By: WDGreen

Date/Time: 27/01/2010 10:12:00


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