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I agree that it's the coaching and philosophy of the game in Scotland that is, pick a word... pish! I did the SFA coaching courses before moving to England and the content - i thought - was excellent; but its the application of it which I could never get my head around. As an 17yr old coach I was obviously the junior partner in the coaching team but like Specs Haver says the mentaility was stop the other team first. I hated the idea of kids football finishing 0-0, those games should be 33-33 classics!! ;o) We don't put kids scores in papers, we stop counting goals after a team is 7 ahead... its mad. No wonder kids fall out of the game. There is no reason we can't be producing our own versions of Torres, Rooney, Anelka, Drogba n all. We might only have 5 mill of a population but England have 20 better strikers than we do, and dozens better across the park...population is not the issue, our approach is - and even if we can change that now, it'll be the best bit of 10 years before we see the fruits at clubs and country.

Posted By: ptown_jambo

Date/Time: 17/11/2009 23:58:00


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