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That was awful. Embarrassing and awful. Salgado was beaten like a drum. I expected him to be a step slow but not to be repeatedly fooled by 2 on 1s and overlaps. He was woefully out of place. Samba was a nightmare at the back. Poor communicating, poor tackling, poor marking. His tackling was rushed and he was quick to leave his feet. Andrews and Grella were abysmal in the 4-5-1. Once they switched to the 4-4-2 Andrews picked up his game a little but for most of the match Cahill and Fellaini were given free reign over the middle of the field with no pressure. MGP let me down. His throw ins were so predictable and redundant. We must have seen Samba at the corner of the 6 yard box, sandwiched between 2 defenders and unable to jump a half dozen times. Dunn showed heart but he created little and finished less. Roberts....he was useless.

Posted By: SoCal Rover

Date/Time: 21/09/2009 17:56:00


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