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I have a couple of questions for Mike Hughes:- 1. Why do you insist on complaining that you lost because of Wednesday's "cheating" when even the rest of your own supporters disagree with you? 2. Why do you think you're the only ones who were so hard done by, when in the opinion of even neutral spectators, there was actually more cause for Wednesday to feel "hard done by" with a lot of the refereeing decisions? 3. Why do you gloss over and trivialize every sending-off and bookable offence that Plymouth players committed (and largely got away with), yet you emphasize every little infraction that Wednesday players committed, even fantasizing about some of them? Yes, Plymouth were unlucky on Saturday in some ways, but you were soundly beaten by a better team and you need to get over it. Calling us cheaters is so far out of line you should be ashamed of yourself.

Posted By: US Owl

Date/Time: 31/08/2009 13:39:00


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