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unbelievable! Firstly let me say that I agree that JJ was lucky to get away with a stupid foul (I feared the worst) and that Woody was also silly - but you see players doing that in every match (delaying the taking of a free kick) - doesn't make it right though. I actually thought that Larrieu made a meal of it (cheated??!!). The Varney incident I take issue with. Hardly anybody appealed for a penalty. The keeper took the ball and Varney - making a fair challenge for a ball that he had a chance of reaching - fell over him. You could see that he was in pain, he had twisted his back landing awkwardly. Those injuries always hurt like hell at first but usually (hopefully) the pain subsides quickly. Unfortunately with Gray it didn't and he had to go off with less than 15 minutes played. I hope Argyle turn it around but at the moment you are second best in most matches - if you were playing well all those fans would not be voting with their feet and staying away (I know there is a recession and many cannot afford it - but I know a lot who would go if the football was any good and there was anything to cheer about). And yes, I do know a lot - I have lived in Plymouth for over 25 years but will always be an Owl. I will quite happily cheer for Argyle in 44 league matches a season.

Posted By: Filloz

Date/Time: 31/08/2009 11:34:00


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