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Wednesday won the game as they could finish and we couldn't. The cheating didn't win the game but did have an impact. You may think its sour grapes, but if you take the time to look at my last match report, Cardiff beat us fair and square and I didn't need to mention cheating or the ref- they played within the spirit of the game. Look at Varney- when he went down "injured" after Larrieu challenged him, he jogged off- the ref then made him wait 2 minutes before coming on- bit odd that when injured players usually come back into play after 10-20 seconds. I thought Johnson should have received a second yellow, as he deliberately blocked our right back stopping an attack. A deliberate foul should be at least a yellow- Laws subbed him immediately after the incident. When our keeper tried to release the ball quickly after catching a corner, he was kicked/ tripped from behind by Wood- again deliberate and nasty. I know Argyle are poorly managed, and we're used to losing- cheat might be too strong a word for Wednesday's tactics but they certainly weren't within the spirit of the game.

Posted By: Mike Hughes

Date/Time: 31/08/2009 07:36:00


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