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Hello..I am a Chelsea fan and I watched the match. I must say I just feel it was a very poor idea on the part of your management team to publicly announce the impending arrival of pep and the departure do pellegrini with so much of the business end of the season left to play. Pellegrini is a dead man walking manager and there are some of your players who with the managerial news have essentially parked it in fro the season..yaya toure is a prime example and I wonder to what degree his attitude has rubbed of on some of his colleagues. Pellegrini at this point is just going through the motions and can you blame him..whatever he achieves with you guys this season he is goner regardless so what motivation does he have to give anything beyond th bare minimimum for the rest of the season? This same mind set I am sure is also applying to players like toure ( who is no pep fan given his experience with pep at Barca). It will be difficult for you guys despite all the talent and depth you have to win anything this season when there are probably several major components of your team who have already mentally checked out.

Posted By: GabeU

Date/Time: 06/02/2016 16:34:00


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