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TQ2Spurs - I think lloris will bed good enough next season but then we may well be looking at his replacement, he isn't getting any younger but he is also such a professional it wouldn't suprise me if he doesn't improve his game and we see him for at least another 3 or 4 years as Number 1.

When Kane scored I cried - tears of happiness for the guy, I love him and I will be the first to say I didn't rate him at one point when he made an appearance, so I don't know anything. He has completely become something I never expected and done it the right way, hard bloody work and loyalty.

just shows you want players can achieve with a good work ethic, commitment and loyalty, that also goes a long way, stability and not have your mind wondering all over thinking of pastures new believing there is better elsewhere and the grass is greener on the other side, just commited to one club and not allowing his ego mind to take control. When you have total belief in yourself and others around you and your mind is completely with the task at hand, focused and no wondering then you can achieve great heights.

For me he is one of the best players we have developed in such a short time and Poch has also to take some credit, he is helping him and so are the players, they are behind him. Well done kane and well done everyone who has helped him reach these heights. If the Pl developed more of these types of players then things would be so much better. Kane for me is such a good all rounder and improves with age, fantastic acheievement we are lucky to have him and have his personality and commitment in this day and age.

Posted By: It'sME

Date/Time: 26/12/2017 20:32:00


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