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It's the same for all clubs in that respect BS. Players have incentives and are paid bonuses at all levels. Rose would not have earned as much when not playing than if he were for the past however many months. Same as if it were Kompany et al for City or any number of the many injury prone Gooners etc... There are appearances bonuses. Remaining in the PL bonuses. Finishing 2nd as opposed to 17th bonuses ... Or whatever else may or may not be written into the personal and private contracts of any pro football anywhere.

If Watford were to finish above Spurs this season, should it then follow that their players are automatically deserving of average higher earnings than Lloris, Harry and co., regardless of their clubs overall income, running costs and expenditure? Or, do they simply get paid in line with and relative to their clubs standard policies and wage structures, If they are to realistically continue into the following season in a similar vein?

Posted By: Hot Tottingham

Date/Time: 08/11/2017 11:14:00


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