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Oh and the outburst was simple really. Walker got wind that City were interested, he knew what he would get paid, once he knew that his head was turned. He reacted, went into the office and said he wanted to leave. There was no thought of anyone else, those who helped him become who he is now, the contract he had signed, noone other than himself. Best way to get a move if you have signed a contract is do something to bug the manager, chairman, so he did. he could have waited until end of season, but that would not have worked, he had to do something to cause 'effect' so the club/manager would act, so he went into the office a few weeks before end of seasonw ehn we were going for the title. That really bugged Poch and Levy, as Poch said 'disrespectful' Walker had achieved what he and his agent wanted to achieve, the wheels were in motion.

Rose saw walker going to a club to double his wage and a club that were serious about buying the title and trophies, he got jealous, he wanted the same opportunity, he didn't want to wait until the project blossomed, he wanted what Walker has, and this is why I think selling Walker has had a lot more damaged than people think, but anyway, Rose saw what Walker achieved and wanted the same, and he to got wind he could have it, with utd, so how do you get a move when you have just signed a contract, bug the manager/chairman, so he did. He knew what he was doing, there was no thought of anyone else but himself, he had forgotten, like Walker who had got them to where they were and he has now set the wheels in motion.

If you look at Modric situation, he wanted out, he went and talked about it and didn't kick up a fuss, bug anyone, do anything disrespectful, and he was made to stay another year and wasn't sold to chelsea. That is the difference, Walker and Rose knew it would be hard to get a move after signing contracts unless they did something to set the wheels in motion and they both did that.

What is interesting is both Rose and Walker could have gone nowhere if we had sold them when they were clearly very poor, but we stuck by them and under Poch they became the best fb in the PL and they seem to have forgotten that, so for me I feel for Poch.

As for replacements, hard to replace. Aurier for me hasn't shown anything like what I thought he would, but it's early days. Poch may well make our current fb's the best in the Pl again, but it will take time and that is why we are weaker imo. We managed without rose when injured, but what if he was fir, would we have won a trophy! I don't see Trippier or Davies good enough to be first choice for every game, we need pace on the wings but on their day they are very good. KWP seems to have been left out and Poch obviously doesn't think he is ready. Aurier, well its too soon. Talk about Utd Shaw coming, well not sure he is the right player. has he got pace? He seems injury prone as well.

I am not sure what the best solution is but I do think rose will go in the summer.

Posted By: It'sME

Date/Time: 07/11/2017 20:24:00


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