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Kane had a quiet game but even then you could see his class compared to other players, he is a cut above most of the English squad imo.

This England squad is not great and they will no doubt give us lots of stress if we get too involved in the next WC. They simply not good enough on the big stage but also I blame the FA for the manager choices, I always think teams reflect their manager, may be not so much at international level compared to club, but its still there and Sougthgate is so dull, no humph like Hodgson and the team play that way. I want a manager on the side lines with passion but not stupid that they lose it when they need a calm head. Look at Spurs, they reflect Poch, they have class, they play with style, they have stronger mentality we have seen in years, and this is what is needed at international level, but we always seem to get the wrong type of manager.

For me we are weak at the back, although Cahill is good enough he is coming towards end of his career. Stones is ok but still young, but we miss a real leader at the back and Hart is nowhere near the level he was and personally I think we need to bleed another GK in but probably want until after Russia now.

Dier is showing his worth and is definately first choice, there doesn't seem to be another DM available to compete with him though and I don't think England can play without him, we need that protection in front of the back four.

Bertrand is average, if Rose gets back to his best I would say he will be first choice, and there is enough at RB with Walker and Tripier but midfield and attacking we still haven't got a settled team imo.

Henderson is back and is good enough to play with Dier, but if either him or Dier is injured I don't see any real central midfielders good enough that is a worry. In attack, Dele is still learning and I am not convinced at Sterling, although he seems to be playing better at City, he just doesn't do enough to warrant being first choice at international level. Lallnana is good but lacks pace and inconsitency at international level, and I don't see any offensive players that can be said to have done enough to warrant first choice. Welbeck injury prone, as is Sturridge and vardy doesn't convince me either.

I am looking forward to seeing if Winks gets a go, I think if he can transfer his tottenham play to England we may see another gem, he will use the ball well and keep things moving and has a good pass in him but he hasn't played yet.

I don't think we get the ball to Kane enough, and our offensive play is poor a lot of the time, we haven't a Eriksen type of player or a Dembele who controls the midfield and links midfield to offenseive play, we are short and our tempo is very poor.

I hope some new players get a chance over the coming months, Barkley if he gets fit may be could find a way in, expect Lallanna to come back and Rose, but who else!

Posted By: It'sME

Date/Time: 07/10/2017 14:33:00


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