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Guyver, I agree we created more chances against Dortmund than Chelsea did against us, but except for the two exceptional strikes in the first half, all the other chances were in the second half when they were obviously tired and we gained some MF control. If, as JVD suggests that was the game plan then I think that Poch deserves congratulations but I'm not sure I was comfortable with our first half display. It was reminiscent of our games against Liverpool and City (at their place) last season. I think we were forced to defend and at times it looked as if Dortmund would score 3 or 4 goals. They pushed forward players into the spaces between our 3 CB's and managed several times to play the ball through for attacking opportunities. I like Sanchez but I felt he was caught out 2 or 3 times when Toby and Verts bailed him out, but I guess that is football and i have to remember he is only 21, playing in another foreign country and a different level of competition. I expect him to improve a great deal as the season progresses. My only concern from the game is that, IMO, we couldn't handle the high press, high tempo game that Dortmund had in the first half, and if they had taken all their chances it would have been game over. We may have had (and I agree JVD we did have) 4 across the middle and 5 at the back for much of the half but couldn't get hold of the ball and conceded possession immediately we had it. I thought Dembele was by-passed for much of the game and was unable to influence anything in that first half. Having said all that, it was a great result, two brilliant solo efforts and one team goal lifted everyone's spirits but Poch has to find a system to counter the high press and impose our game on the pressers...IMO of course.

Posted By: Harry-Kari

Date/Time: 15/09/2017 16:03:00


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