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Hari-Kari I didn't suggest we controlled the game but what we did was certainly the game plan. After their goal I was screaming "get the ball" and I couldn't understand why we were not pressing and hustling to the ball. Then as I paid attention I began to notice the two banks of 4 defending and moving in unison as the ball was played side to side by Dortmund. I watched it for a couple of minutes and then it really hit me, crap, we are playing a Tony Pulis game, then I said this is what Ranieri did during the Championship season and last year in the CL or Mourinho does when he is playing a team which can be better than his. At first I was upset and to be honest I was extremely stressed but as it wore on I calmed down a bit because we were handling their attack. Had we employed our normal game plan which is a very attacking style, Aubermyang would have carved us open on a few occasions and we would probably lost the game. In the end I would say they controlled the game but we managed it. I will add, it is remarkable that the team was able to so easily adopt that defensive formation with the ease which we apparently did. Kudos to Poch and his coaches.

Posted By: jvd

Date/Time: 14/09/2017 11:42:00


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