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Have to play possession football tonight and be touch tight to them before they can get into our box. Wanyama would have been perfect for this type of game stronger than Dier will be, Dier has a blind spot sometimes where he does a square ball or a back pass that gets intercepted by the opposition. It only takes one lapse of concentration to undo all the good work that is happening up front. If you look at us as a team how many really are at the Champions League level or standard? Difficult one to answer, if you compare it to the team of last season not much by way of personnel has changed and we came up very short last season so it has to be be the way we play in the CL this season that has to change. A single bad match can destroy an entire campaign. If I quote the only man in the modern game to have played under four Champions League-winning managers, Xabi Alonso, was asked by old teammate Jamie Carragher what was so distinctive about each of them. The Bayern Munich midfielder, who can now add Pep Guardiola to a list of former bosses that includes Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti and Rafa Benitez, actually pointed to one shared quality. "[They're] comfortable playing with three systems. [Teams] need to adapt to each game, depending on the circumstances," said Alonso. And its that level of Savvy I hope Poch has got this time around. Going into the knock out stages has to be the first target and our style of play has to be geared toward that, once in the knock out then its a different mindset, a different approach, we need to show more tactical nous. Against Barca, Mourinho's Inter unleashed the ultimate counterattacking game in the first leg, which allowed his team to deploy the ultimate defensive game in the second. When you look at the list of Champions League winners since the 1999 expansion, there's a distinctive and defined split. Eight of the champions were also domestic champions those seasons; the other six are a series of teams who finished third or lower and well outside the title race. There's surprisingly no in-between, no second-place domestic finishes. It's almost as if a team has to be good enough to persevere on multiple fronts, or, in short, limited enough to mean they can save all their energies for European games. Can we win the trophy? probably not! can we get to the semi's ? going to be a big ask! can we get to the quarters? that has to be our aim! We'll learn a lot if we can get that far but we have to finish in the top four this season otherwise it will all have been a waste of time building on that experience if we cant use it again next season in our new stadium. Good luck tonight lads!

Posted By: OyVeh Maria

Date/Time: 13/09/2017 09:01:00


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