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Finally we seem up and running, however Everton started with 7 new signings! Quite a few teams have started new season with over half a team of new players, and they play like strangers. Very hard to pull that off, and only really Watford are doing well with that number of new players thrown straight into the team. However in Everon's case, Spurs took good advantage of this. We will get tougher games than this one turned out to be. But for now, you can see how we are easing in to the season, and how we can get better. Davies and Trippier are doing good jobs, but Rose will return and Aurier will come in to add add pace and energy on the flanks. Sanchez is still new, and will quickly get accustomed to EPL with both Toby and Jan beside. Dier is freed up finally to focus on midfield - and this should allow him to develop more. Wanyama's injury will give Dier a chance, and when he returns, we will have good options there. Alli is getting goals, but not yet hit top gear yet. More to come from him. Sissoko was trusted to start, and hopefully he becomes a true option and improves. We can then rotate him with Dembele and Winks, who will get better with experience. I imagine that Son is still regaining fitness, and is another great option too when he gets fit. N'Koudou also needs to get fit and be another pacy option. Llorente looks like the perfect bench guy to come on in those games where we can't score for toffee. But I hope he gets some starts too - perhaps with Kane buzzing around behind...? Lloris is class, but has had a few wobbles lately. I expect him to click back into his game saving self pretty soon. Finally I must mention Eriksen who must be commended for starting the season well - as he often slowly warms into a season. 1 goal, 2 assists, but besides that, you can see that he is becoming that key player that makes everyone else better. Got to find ways to preserve him in early rounds of cups so that we do not burn out the man. You can see how Poch is shaping the team for the season, and it is looking good. Man U wobbled yesterday and aren't as formidable as people portray them to be, however I do think that they are much improved and dead cert top 4 team. Liverpool will always both destroy teams and concede goals - strange how Klopp NEVER adjusts his tactics.... Arsenal look shaky. Chelsea have Europe to additionally handle, and no Costa. So top four is looking realistic again - despite Wembley. Our CL performances remain to be my worry.

Posted By: TonyRich

Date/Time: 10/09/2017 08:26:00


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