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Before I make a comment about the Everton match I want to comment a bit about my feelings regarding social media and posting from football fans which I feel needs cleaning up!.

I wouldn't mind a article for others to comment but as there isn't one I apologise now for using this article to view my thoughts and feelings on such matters. I want to view them now because as many will know I am not really going to be posting this season as I stated before I don't want to use my precious energy on this or anyother site due to my health, but this issue is something I feel passionate about and want to get it off my chest.

First of all I watched a tv programme recently about homophobia in football and I was appauled at how much it exists and how much fans get away with it, especially now that racism is not tolerated, and it shouldn't be either, but neither should homophobia or any other negative abuse, even sexism, ANYTHING, yet that tv programme highlighted just how bad it is in football and what I was astonished by was the fact that homephobia hasn't been written into the rules as a 'offence' like racism has, and just how much clubs, and the FA and all those above are so not dealing with this issue and haven't a clue and in that programme gave us no evidence that they are likely to stamp it out or admit it exist, but more concerning, they themselves were ignorant and years behind in dealing or accept the problems with this issue.

I was appauld by what that programme showed when it came to social media, the comments fans write that are blatently homophobic towards players, managers and so forth and how hostile fans can be. So I started to look at tweets myself, I don't do social media as a rule, and I saw it for myself, the fans comments after articles such as those in 'newsnow' the comments are often hostile and homophobic, and more and it really upsets me.

I look at comments made right now about Janssen, and I see our own fans giving him a hostile message just because he has struggled, calling him names, making awful degrading comments and I think about Roses comments about how he hasn't forgot how our fans treated him. It seems to me that if a player doesn't hit the ground running, or fails to improve, or has a bad patch or simply finds he isn't good enough he gets slaughted, often remarks that are nasty and unnecessary imo.

I think this kind of talk doesn't fair well on the reuptation of our fans, or any fans, but I am only concerned about Tottenham fans, as I support Tottenham.

It's the same with the vile comments towards Levy and managers of past and it really doesn't sit well with me.

These players, managers, chairpersons, coaches and so forth are human beings and don't deserve such treatement no matter what they do, please show me a human being who hasn't made mistakes, who doesn't have a bad day or few weeks at work, who does stupid things when they were young and immature, and who finds they cannot fit into their new job - I am sure we have all experienced some of these things through out our life if we are over 18. yet these people get slaughtered for any of these things and expected to be loyal to the club, expected to cope with it and epected to put up with it.

First of all I want the law and rules change in football to incorporate zero tolerance of homophobia but also I want fans to stop this vile reaction when commenting on social media. take Janssen, ok he hasn't done well, he has in a way not stepped up, but he seems like a decent enough lad, he took a chance to see if he can improve and to date it seems not, but does he deserve all the negative horrible comments. Same for Levy, he made mistakes, he may be profit minded (not so sure) but is he really a bad person, does he derserve all the vile comments, just because he chooses to run the club, his job his own way.

I really wish vile comments was banned from ALL social media and I wish fans would take a step back before posting and think about what effect they are causing, and ask themselves 'would they like to be treated that way'? - it's a nasty place we live in, why make it worse by opening our mouths and being vile to another human being?

Posted By: It'sME

Date/Time: 08/09/2017 14:50:00


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