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very difficult game to call this one given that we don't know how well Everton will gel with their new players and given we may or may not have Sanchez at the back so it will probably be the same team as played Chelsea and Burnley. I hope there is enough on the pitch to keep Rooney quiet and not leaving any space for Siggy to suddenly pop up in! Cheslea beat them right from the outset with there intensity in their passing, movement and pressing . Everton looked knackered after playing Manchester City on Monday and Europa League progression at Hajduk Split on the Thursday so now they have had more of a break than our players I expect them to come out of the blocks fast. Rooney will either be on the job to prove a point or his brain will be on walkabouts or he'll feel the needle from the crowd and get a red mist and get sent off!

Posted By: OyVeh Maria

Date/Time: 08/09/2017 14:50:00


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